Sunday, 31 July 2016

History can not be changed but how we treat the present moment can be changed.

Having had such a lovely long weekend in Liverpool at the Mariapolis, I have decided not to trawl through the past as it can not be changed and the bad as well as the good gets a distorted interpretation of the facts.

All I will say about the past, is that I misunderstood a lot, judged a lot, not accepted another person's point of view more often than I should have done. I lost a lot of friends that I wished I didn't. I lost all of my four Grandparents between 1997-2004. I lost my Dad in 2007.

I had a midlife crisis as I approached 40 getting engaged to someone who was so wrong for me in the long term it was unreal, the relationship with the person that I was engaged to took me further away from the church that looking back I wouldn't have been able to survived with in the long term.

On a positive, as a result of my engagement breaking up my gambling addiction became unmanageable to the point that I needed professional help.

I am so grateful for that professional help I received and been able to maintain my relationship with the church which has allowed me to become the better person that I am today.

On a personal note I have had to mature rapidly as I became an Uncle to a beautiful boy.

So you are up to date with the essential parts of my life's history or at least the parts that I am willing to discuss, I may refer back to the past but I will not dwell on my references.

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